«She was the leading lady of New York in every sense of the word.» New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Astor was the quintessential New Yorker and all are saddened by her death

Astor, recently the center of a highly publicized legal dispute over her care, died of pneumonia at Holly Hill, her Westchester County estate in Briarcliff Manor, family lawyer Kenneth Warner said. «Brooke was a truly remarkable woman and an irreplaceable friend,» longtime family friend David Rockefeller said. «She was the leading lady of New York […]

A medical team backed up by divers and rescue experts arrived Sunday aboard a C-130 transport plane at the archipelago, 550 miles (900 kilometres) southwest of Lisbon

Rescue workers in Madeira have dug through heaps of mud, boulders and debris, searching for victims buried by floods and mudslides that have killed at least 42 people on the popular Portuguese island. Residents looking for missing loved ones were directed by local authorities Sunday to the resort’s international airport, where a makeshift morgue has […]

Tension had been building between Balkenende and Bos for months, but the breaking point was precipitated by a note from NATO’S Rasmussen earlier this month asking the Dutch to stay on in Uruzgan in a scaled-down mission

After a contentious 16-hour cabinet meeting, a key partner walked out of Jan Peter Balkenende’s coalition, accusing the prime minister of reneging on a pledge to withdraw 1,600 troops this year from Uruzgan province, where 21 Dutchmen already have died. CBSNews.com Special Report: Afghanistan The collapse of the center-right government was the result of discontent […]